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How to be an Interior Decorator

Posted by on Nov 24, 2016 in Home and Garden, Home Improvement

How to be an Interior Decorator


Do you always get compliments on how gorgeous your home? Do people comment about your great taste? Consider having a home improvement career as an interior decorator. It might seem easy, but being a decorator requires a sense of style, an eye for fashion, and an ability to create and adapt. Here are some tips to help you get started in this exciting and fulfilling calling.

  1. Good designers have a natural talent of knowing what does not work and what has to be altered or changed in a room. This talent can be further developed to make you better at what you do. Practice it by walking inside any room and pointing out the things that you like and those that you wish to change. Get new ideas by going through design websites and magazines.
  2. Just like any other profession, practice makes perfect. You might have a natural knack for design, but you will never understand it unless you actually immerse yourself in all its nitty and gritty. Practice, practice, practice – even when there is no payment. Start by altering your home and your friends’; this free work will eventually pay off in the future.
  3. Aside from understanding style and materials, a good interior decorator should also have ample knowledge on a certain material’s flammability and toxicity and how it interacts with different temperatures and climates. When decorating a space, remember that form and functionality should always go hand in hand.
  4. Your portfolio and contacts will define your work and your success. If you must, start out as someone else’s assistant so you can slowly build up your portfolio. From here, work on getting some good contacts. As your work and contact list grows, your portfolio will become more appealing, pulling more and more clients in.
  5. When you work, remember to always consider local tastes, needs and climates. You can mix and match trends to be in style with the rest of the world, but always stay within the boundaries of your industry. The dynamism of interior decorating can be very brutal, and those who cannot keep up will find it hard to succeed.

Being an interior designer is more than just earning money; it is also about getting that feeling of fulfillment from beautifying a space and delighting its owners. Having that eye and skill to transform any room is a gift that should be uncovered, developed and shared.

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