Career Advice: Home Improvement Industry

Posted by on Feb 20, 2017 in Career

Career Advice: Home Improvement Industry

It is a fact that every industry has a true and tested ways of jump starting a career – be it engineering, architecture, or accounting. Countless of career advises and resources are readily available for those looking for it. But, it is seldom to find career advise on professions related to the home improvement industry. It is a less talked-about industry as the professions related to this path does not require the same college education, degree, or training. If you are interested in flourishing in this industry, you are on the right page as this article will help break down the basics on how to make a career and be successful in the home improvement scene.



Trade School and Apprenticeship Program. The first thing you have to do to become a plumber is to find a good trade school that offers the program. Once you have taken the necessary courses and have acquired the necessary skills to become a plumber, you would need to find a company that will allow you to practice your set of skills as an apprentice. After completing the necessary hours for your apprenticeship, a Master Plumber and two other certified plumbers can then state in a writing that you have undergone such apprenticeship program and that you are eligible to take the state test. Once you pass the test, you will achieve the Journeyman Plumber certificate which allows you to work on your own. Otherwise, you will need to work with a Master Plumber at all times.

Necessary Skills and Characteristics. If you are able to spatially visualize how plumbing works and if you are really interested on being a plumber, then you have the minimum requirement to become successful in this field. However, you should also have the aptitude and interest in physics and algebra because plumbing is not just about pipes and water.

Union Vs. Non-Union. You have to decide first hand whether you want to be part of a union or not. Determine which group is best suited for you as you weigh the benefits and disadvantages of each.



Must Love Math and Physics. If you are leaning towards becoming an electrician, it is a necessary that you are interested in Mathematics and Physics. This field requires different mathematical calculations and logical thinking as a minimum. Those useless Math problems in grade school will not make sense as you find your way into this field. However, if after those years you still did not develop any interest in these two subjects, then this field will not be suitable for you.

Your Career Goals. What is it that you want to achieve? Becoming an electrician actually offers you different career opportunities. You can stay as a laborer as long as you want, but you can also choose to advance your career in this field and become a field supervisor. In addition, if you have all the things needed to open up a business, you can open your own electrical company for commercial or residential establishments.



Find A Mentor. There are a lot of interior decorators who have years of experience under their belt who can teach you the ins and outs of the trade. If you think that it would be impossible to find a mentor in this industry, you would be surprised! There are a lot of interior decorators who are very willing to take a mentee as having one would also help expand their teaching and social skills.

Hold Your Horses. It is a must that you don’t get too excited as you start your career in this industry. Wait for your first client booking before you buy that inventory. It is a must that you understand that establishing rapport with clients in this field will take time. It would also take time for you to find your first client and cash your first check. Patience is key!

Educate Yourself. Having a mentor in this industry is a big advantage as most of the things you need to learn can be spoon fed to you. However, it is also important that you learn things your own way. As a designer, you have your own taste and style. Learning different styles on your own would help you develop your own trademark in the industry.



Be Prepared for the Cost. It is expensive to become a realtor. It is for this reason that you are advised to prepare pockets and bank accounts for spending. In your first year as a realtor, you should be ready to encounter and pay different fees such as association fees, “desk fees”, health insurance, E&O insurance, and others. You also need to be on the upper end of technology so you can keep up and keep in touch with your clients as well as the market goings (in and out).

It’s Not All About Sales. It is important that you know that keeping your customers is more important that making a sale. In marketing, there is a philosophy that is widely practiced in successful companies in different industries – that a happy customer is the best marketer. So, if you are able to make your current and previous customers happy, then selling your expertise and selling a house will be easy for you.

Be A Therapist. You will meet a lot of people in this industry. It is a must that you are able to adjust to their needs in order to appeal to them, especially for first-time buyers. These buyers often go through a lot of emotional, mental, and physical stress as they try to look for their first homes. If you are dealing with such client, be prepared to appeal to their personalities by throwing in some coaching, therapy, and sugar-coating.

Chose Your Broker. If you are going for a broker, then by all means choose the one that is most popular. Always choose what is best for you. A bigger and more popular broker offers a wide network of clients and opportunities. However, choosing which broker you go with is really up to you. Just make sure you way the pros and cons of being in a big one or a small one.

Don’t Burn Bridges. This applies to other agents in the industry. No matter how annoying or demanding, rude, pushy or insulting one agent is, it is a must that you don’t sever that bridge between you and that agent. Keep that courteous smile on your face. In time, you will need that particular agent’s assistance and you would be glad that the bridge between you and that agent is still intact.

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