Becoming a Plumber: Plumbing Tips For The Summer

Becoming a Plumber: Plumbing Tips For The Summer

Posted by on Sep 29, 2016 in Home Improvement

 summer plumbing tips

Here are some tips so you can keep your plumbing up to par in your home:

1. Since most of the family will be spending more time outdoors, that means that there will be more dirty clothes. Take a look at the hoses on the washing machine for bulges, cracks or leaks, and don’t forget to clean out the lint from the dryer trap. It is a good idea to replace your washing machine hoses at least every three years.

2. Move the washer out from the wall at least 3 or 4 inches to prevent the washer from bumping the wall while it rinses and to prevent the hoses from kinking. Also never leave your home at the time when your washer is running.

3. The ductwork will probably sweat during humid weather from condensation. If your drains are not cleared out, this could cause a water backup. If you have a washer in the attic just be certain that the drain pan is not full of water. If you do find water in the pan, just call a plumber as soon as possible. This action could save your ceiling from being damaged.

4. After the cookout, just be mindful of what you put into your garbage disposal. Most disposals are not set up to handle corn husks, banana peels, celery, and other stringy and fibrous types of foods. Also stay away from fats such as cooking oils and other similar fats, as they can clog the pipes in your system. Run cold water into your drain for about 15 seconds at full pressure so anything down there gets flushed through. Also avoid any “Just add Water” preparation because if you do attempt to put more down because it will just clog everything up very well.

When you leave for a vacation of several days or longer, turn down your water heater temperature and turn up the temperature of the refrigerator. This will help your fuel costs.

Finally, have a periodic plumbing system check up, and this will ensure that you will have and maintain a save and clean plumbing system.